My introduction to photograpy was Chistmas 1981. I recieved a Pentax K1000 SLR for a gift. Cool, I thought. I enjoyed using it, but I wasn't hooked. It was a hobby not a passion. It was in early 1984 I started to shoot regularly and started taking some time to learn the differnce between a picture and a photograph. I started befriending other photographers and collecting equipment. A simple prime 50mm lens just wasn't enough any more.

Aaron one of my photo friends and fellow Pentax fan suggested I move from print film to slides. Silly I thought. What is the purpose if you can't see prints from your toil? He introduced me to the loupe and light table. I hunched over and viewed some of his slides. Impressive. Still though, I didn't want to carry around a light table and loupe to share my art with the world, well, at least friends and neighbours.

I relented and bought a roll of Extachrome 100. He recommended Kodachrome, but I couldn't wait the 14 or so days. The Ektachrome was going to take a few days, heaven forbid I should wait in the glorious age of one hour photo. At the time I was a medic at the 'new' hospital at CFB Stadaccona. From the roof there is an incredible and expansive view of Halifax Harbour. A cool May morning I made my way to the rooftop around 5:00 A.M. to capture the sunrise. I couldn't have picked a better morning. Before the sun came up shards of red and orange light cut through the horizon. There were enough clouds to add texture and substance to the sky, but not too many to obscure the sun. It was on of the most breathtaking natural events I have ever witnessed. In short, I felt high.

I will never forget the moment I bent over and looked at those sunset Extachrome slides through a loupe. That was the moment photograph became a passion, not just a mere hobby.

I became a full time professional photographer with the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990. I did that until 2000. During this time I also shot weddings and made a few bucks selling framed scenic photographs.

I tried to retire from photography. Sold all my pro Nikon gear and bought a Sony digital camera. It wasn't enough. A few years later, when prices came to Earth I got a digital SLR and now have quality gear again. I am working on building up an on-line portfolio and getting more and more into photography again. I love to shoot live bands for fun.

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